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Flashback 2024

04-05-2024 05-05-2024

Lotto Arena - Antwerp

21:00h - 06:00h

Experience the electrifying return of Flashback 4 May 2024 at Lotto Arena, Antwerp.
Embark on an epic, auditory journey filled with timeless classics and revisit unforgettable moments alongside Belgium's Harder Styles legends.

𝗕ð—ē𝘀𝘁ð—ķð—ēð—ŧ ⌁ 𝗕ð—ķð—ŧ𝘂𝗚 ⌁ 𝗖ð—ĩð—ķ𝗰ð—Ūð—ī𝗞 𝗭𝗞ð—ŧð—ē ⌁ 𝗗ð—Ūð—ŋð—ļ-𝗘 ⌁ 𝗗ð—Ūð˜ƒð—žð—žð—ąð—ķ ⌁ 𝗗ð—ēð—ģ 𝗧𝗞𝘆𝘀 ⌁ 𝗗ð—ē𝗚𝗞ð—ŧð—ķð—Ūð—ļ ⌁ 𝗗ð—ŋ. ð—Ĩð˜‚ð—ąð—ē ⌁ 𝗙𝘂ð—ŋð—Ū𝘅 ⌁ 𝗗𝗝 𝗚ð—ĩ𝗞𝘀𝘁 ⌁ 𝗚ð—ŋð—ēð—ī 𝗖 ⌁ 𝗝𝗞ð—ŧð—ē𝘀 ⌁ 𝗟ð—ē𝘁ð—ĩð—Ūð—đ 𝗠𝗚 𝗟𝗜ð—Đ𝗘 ⌁ 𝗟𝗞ð—Ŋ𝗞𝘁𝗞𝗚𝘆 𝗜ð—ŧ𝗰. ⌁ 𝗠ð—Ūð—ŧ𝘂 𝗞ð—ēð—ŧ𝘁𝗞ð—ŧ ⌁ 𝗠ð—Ūð—ŋð—ļ 𝗊ð—ķ𝘁ð—ĩ ð—Ū 𝗞 ⌁ ð—Ģð—Ū𝘁 𝗕 ⌁ ð—Ģð—đð—Ū𝘆ð—Ŋ𝗞𝘆𝘇 ⌁ ð—Ī-ð—ķ𝗰 ⌁ ð—Ĩ𝗞ð—ŧð—Ūð—đð—ą ð—Đ ⌁ ð—Ķ𝗷𝗞ð—ēð—ļ𝗞ð—ē – ð—ĩ𝗞𝘀𝘁ð—ēð—ą ð—Ŋ𝘆 𝗠𝗖 𝗖ð—ĩ𝘂𝗰ð—ļ𝘆

Reverze - The 20th Anniversary Weekender

01-03-2024 02-03-2024

Sportpaleis & Lotto Arena Antwerp

Friday 1 March 2024 / 21:00h - 06:00h + Saturday 2 March 2024 / 20:00h - 07:00h

Pat B Birthday Bash XXL 2023


Lotto Arena - Antwerp

21:00h - 05:00h

Bass Events proudly presents Pat B Birthday Bash XXL on Saturday 23 December 2023 at Lotto Arena in Antwerp (BE).

"𝘈ð˜Ŋð˜ĩð˜ļð˜Ķð˜ģð˜ą... ð˜ąð˜ģð˜Ķð˜ąð˜Ēð˜ģð˜Ķ 𝘚𝘰ð˜ķð˜ģð˜īð˜Ķ𝘭𝘧 𝘧𝘰ð˜ģ ð˜Ī𝘰ð˜Ĩð˜Ķ 𝘚ð˜Ķ𝘭𝘭𝘰ð˜ļ! ðŸĪŠ 𝘛ð˜Đ𝘊ð˜ī 𝘊ð˜ī ð˜Ļ𝘰𝘊ð˜Ŋð˜Ļ ð˜ĩ𝘰 ð˜Ģð˜Ķ ð˜Ū𝘚 ð˜Ģ𝘊ð˜Ļð˜Ļð˜Ķð˜īð˜ĩ ð˜Ēð˜Ŋð˜Ĩ ð˜Ģ𝘰𝘭ð˜Ĩð˜Ķð˜īð˜ĩ ð˜Ģ𝘊ð˜ģð˜ĩð˜Đð˜Ĩð˜Ē𝘚 ð˜Ģð˜Ēð˜īð˜Đ ð˜ī𝘰 𝘧ð˜Ēð˜ģ. 🎂 𝘛𝘰ð˜Ļð˜Ķð˜ĩð˜Đð˜Ķð˜ģ ð˜ļð˜Ķ ð˜Ēð˜ģð˜Ķ ð˜Ēð˜Ģ𝘰ð˜ķð˜ĩ ð˜ĩ𝘰 ð˜ĩð˜ķð˜ģð˜Ŋ ð˜ĩð˜Đð˜Ķ 𝘓𝘰ð˜ĩð˜ĩ𝘰 𝘈ð˜ģð˜Ķð˜Ŋð˜Ē ð˜Ī𝘰ð˜Ūð˜ąð˜­ð˜Ķð˜ĩð˜Ķ𝘭𝘚 ð˜ķð˜ąð˜ī𝘊ð˜Ĩð˜Ķ ð˜Ĩ𝘰ð˜ļð˜Ŋ ð˜Ēð˜Ŋð˜Ĩ 𝘠𝘖𝘜 ð˜Ēð˜ģð˜Ķ 𝘊ð˜Ŋ𝘷𝘊ð˜ĩð˜Ķð˜Ĩ!" – ð—Ģð—Ū𝘁 𝗕

The Qontinent - Forever Burning

11-08-2023 13-08-2023

Provinciaal Domein Puyenbroeck - Wachtebeke

Date: 11-12-13 August 2023

Location: Provinciaal Domein Puyenbroeck, Wachtebeke (BE)

Hashtag: #theqontinent

Minimum age: 16 (ID obligated)

Flashback Festival 2023


Kristalpark Lommel

13:00h - 01:00h

Bass Events proudly presents Flashback Festival 2023 on Saturday 13 May at Kristalpark in Lommel (BE).

This will be the only edition of Flashback in 2023!

▩ïļ 1 mega dome
▩ïļ a huge stage & show production
▩ïļ an epic line-up
▩ïļ lots of extra fun stuff outside

𝗧ð—ķ𝗰ð—ļð—ē𝘁 𝗜ð—ŧð—ģ𝗞
Tickets are now available at

𝗠ð—ķð—ŧð—ķ𝗚𝘂𝗚 𝗔ð—īð—ē = 18 (ID card obligated)

Reverze - Synergy


Sportpaleis & Lotto Arena Antwerp

20:00h - 07:00h

Hidden from the realms of human perception a malignant force of low vibrational frequency enslaves the mind within the simulated reality.

To break loose from your perceptual prison the mind and spirit must converge to become one with the source.

Raise your frequency and unlock your true potential.

Reverze - Synergy

Flashback Festival 2022


Kristalpark Lommel

13:00h - 01:00h

Flashback Festival returns bigger than ever with 3 areas dedicated to the Classics in Harder Styles: Jump & Tek, Hardstyle and Hardcore.

Let’s take it to the next level on the 24th of September 2022 at Kristalpark, Lommel!

Presale starts the 11th of May 2022, 19:00h at

The Qontinent - Breaking Boundaries

12-08-2022 14-08-2022

Provinciaal Domein Puyenbroeck - Wachtebeke

Flashback 2022


Lotto Arena, Antwerp

21:00h - 06:00h

Do you have a remaining balance on your prepaid card after Flashback?

Refund requests are available from Wednesday 11 May 2022 until Friday 20 May 2022 via Costs will be 3,50 EUR per refund.

15 Years Dirty Workz


Lotto Arena, Antwerp

15:00h - 00:00h

Pat B Birthday Bash 2022


Radar (Ex Cherry Moon) - Lokeren

22:00h - 06:00h

Reverze - Time Will Tell


Sportpaleis & Lotto Arena Antwerp

20:00h - 07:00h

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