Pat B Birthday Bash XXL 2023


Lotto Arena - Antwerp

21:00h - 05:00h

Pat B Birthday Bash XXL 2023

Bass Events proudly presents Pat B Birthday Bash XXL on Saturday 23 December 2023 at Lotto Arena in Antwerp (BE).

"𝘈ð˜Ŋð˜ĩð˜ļð˜Ķð˜ģð˜ą... ð˜ąð˜ģð˜Ķð˜ąð˜Ēð˜ģð˜Ķ 𝘚𝘰ð˜ķð˜ģð˜īð˜Ķ𝘭𝘧 𝘧𝘰ð˜ģ ð˜Ī𝘰ð˜Ĩð˜Ķ 𝘚ð˜Ķ𝘭𝘭𝘰ð˜ļ! ðŸĪŠ 𝘛ð˜Đ𝘊ð˜ī 𝘊ð˜ī ð˜Ļ𝘰𝘊ð˜Ŋð˜Ļ ð˜ĩ𝘰 ð˜Ģð˜Ķ ð˜Ū𝘚 ð˜Ģ𝘊ð˜Ļð˜Ļð˜Ķð˜īð˜ĩ ð˜Ēð˜Ŋð˜Ĩ ð˜Ģ𝘰𝘭ð˜Ĩð˜Ķð˜īð˜ĩ ð˜Ģ𝘊ð˜ģð˜ĩð˜Đð˜Ĩð˜Ē𝘚 ð˜Ģð˜Ēð˜īð˜Đ ð˜ī𝘰 𝘧ð˜Ēð˜ģ. 🎂 𝘛𝘰ð˜Ļð˜Ķð˜ĩð˜Đð˜Ķð˜ģ ð˜ļð˜Ķ ð˜Ēð˜ģð˜Ķ ð˜Ēð˜Ģ𝘰ð˜ķð˜ĩ ð˜ĩ𝘰 ð˜ĩð˜ķð˜ģð˜Ŋ ð˜ĩð˜Đð˜Ķ 𝘓𝘰ð˜ĩð˜ĩ𝘰 𝘈ð˜ģð˜Ķð˜Ŋð˜Ē ð˜Ī𝘰ð˜Ūð˜ąð˜­ð˜Ķð˜ĩð˜Ķ𝘭𝘚 ð˜ķð˜ąð˜ī𝘊ð˜Ĩð˜Ķ ð˜Ĩ𝘰ð˜ļð˜Ŋ ð˜Ēð˜Ŋð˜Ĩ 𝘠𝘖𝘜 ð˜Ēð˜ģð˜Ķ 𝘊ð˜Ŋ𝘷𝘊ð˜ĩð˜Ķð˜Ĩ!" – ð—Ģð—Ū𝘁 𝗕

Minimum Age
= 16

Tickets will be sent out from the 18th of December 2023.

Pat B Birthday Bash XXL 2023 | Official Aftermovie

Pat B Birthday Bash XXL by Philippe Wuyts

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