REVERZE “INTERCONNECTED" 11.03.2017 Sportpaleis & Lotto Arena Schijnpoortweg 119 2170 Antwerp (BE) EXIT = NO RE-ENTRY DON'T BRING FOOD, DRINKS, WEAPONS or DRUGS OPENING HOURS The doors (Sportpaleis & Lotto Arena) will open at 20:00h. Regular ticket holders can choose freely between both entrances. T...
Reverze - Interconnected
After the uprising of the faceless factions against the corrupt Order of the Elders The Restless learned that war does not bring salvation, but only darkens the heart with grief and sorrow. Only harmony and dedication towards a greater power of unity, will give strength to overcome all entities of evil. Strong, vibr...
The Qontinent - Decade of Dedication
Now here's your massive menu for Reverze - Interconnected!
Reverze - Interconnected
I LOVE EARLY Bird tickets for FLASHBACK are now officially sold out. All VIP tickets are almost gone as well. Regular tickets are still a...
On Saturday the 6th of May 2017, Bass Events will blast you straight back through time at the legendary venue of Flanders Expo in Gent, f...
Reverze "Interconnected" is now SOLD OUT. Keep an eye on our social media for the latest updates and make sure you attend the official ev...
Reverze - Interconnected
Reverze - Essen...

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