"We’ve got you covered!” Due to the bad weather forecast, we decided not to take any risks, so we hired a HUGE tent, almost twice the size of the Lotto Arena! We want to guarantee you the highest quality and comfort during Bass Events Outdoor. Another advantage with this setting, is that we can put a lot of extr...
Bass Events Outdoor
The best of the Harder Styles for the ultimate summer closing. Set times for Bass Events Outdoor are here.
Bass Events Outdoor
This was 10 Years #The Qontinent. Thank you for your support, loyalty and unmatched dedication over the past decade. Still basking in the...
The Qontinent - Decade of Dedication
Welcome to campsite "The Qontinent". Let's kick-start the weekend of a lifetime!
The Qontinent - Decade of Dedication
Rave your way into the day and take a peek at the official 2017 Festival Map.
The Qontinent - Decade of Dedication
Celebrating a Decade of Dedication on 11-12-13 August 2017. Set times for 10 Years The Qontinent are here! The golden year is now upon us...
The Qontinent - Decade of Dedication
Reverze - Essen...

Bass Events


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