Ravers from all over the world, look around. Do you actually see this? This is what a decade of hard work and dedication looks like. Bass Events and Q-dance proudly present the official 2017 aftermovie of 10 Years The Qontinent, a Decade of Dedication. An extra spectacular 10th anniversary celebration. Thank you for...
The Qontinent - Decade of Dedication
You have shown your passion and true love for the Harder Styles. This one was for you, this was Bass Events Outdoor. Still in the afterglow? Let's turn back the clock and relive it all over again over here!
Bass Events Outdoor
Close the festival season with a big bang and find out all you need to know about Bass Events Outdoor.
Bass Events Outdoor
Stay up-to-date and download the Bass Events Outdoor app now in Woov so you can find your friends and meet new people! DOWNLOAD â–ºiOS DO...
Bass Events Outdoor
"We’ve got you covered!” Due to the bad weather forecast, we decided not to take any risks, so we hired a HUGE tent, almost twice the...
Bass Events Outdoor
The best of the Harder Styles for the ultimate summer closing. Set times for Bass Events Outdoor are here.
Bass Events Outdoor

Bass Events


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