"It was only a matter of time.... " before we could announce that Psyko Punkz are responsible for "Frozen Planet", which is the official Bassleader anthem of this year. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, you can check it out here. For the full line up & tickets have a look at the Bassleader website.
Bassleader 2015
Bass Events proudly presents you the new Snapback. Just a few simple clicks and the new Bass Events snapback will be yours. Start with your first click here. Don't forget to have a look around the web shop as well, as there is also plenty of other merchandise available.
The official pre-sale for Bassleader 2015 has started! Secure your tickets now and go to http://www.bassleader.be/tickets. Haven't seen t...
Bassleader 2015
The time has come, check it out survivors! The timetable of The Qontinent 2015 is online. Click here! Make sure to plan ahead, because wi...
The Qontinent - The Last Resort
The moment is here. It was only a matter of time before the prehistoric force would awaken. NEON - OXYGEN - KRYPTON - NITROGEN - RADIUM. ...
Bassleader 2015
The Qontinent, OUR LAST RESORT! Survivors, here it is, the official anthem of The Qontinent 2015: Zatox feat. Max P - "Our Last Resort". ...
The Qontinent - The Last Resort
Reverze - Essen...

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