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Find out al you need to know about #Flashback Festival.

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Tickets will also be available at the entrance (Regular 40 EUR, no VIP).

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Ready to ‘Jump’ back in time? 1f4a5.png👟 ‘Tek’ a look at the official timetable and prepare to embark on a journey towards the real roots of the Belgian Hard Dance scene! 1f1e7_1f1ea.png

Bestien ◈ Davoodi LIVE ◈ Demoniak ◈ Fenix vs Dr. Rude ◈ Greg C LIVE ◈ Lethal MG ◈ Mark With a K LIVE ◈ Pat B vs Dark-E ◈ Q-ic ◈ Ruthless ◈ The Darkraver ◈ Those Days LIVE (Playboyz vs Def Toys) – hosted by MC Chucky

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Find your friends, create your personal timetable and more... exclusive via the Flashback Festival app.

This was #Flashback Festival: Jump, Tek & Retro Classics! See you in 2019 on Saturday the 4th of May at Lotto Arena, Antwerp.
Flashback Festival
Born from the seed of deniability history has neglected the fury of her wrath... Will you choose to remain blind to our impending demise,...
Reverze - Edge of Existence
Thank you for being part of Flashback Festival: Jump, Tek & Retro Classics. See you on 04/05/2019 at Lotto Arena, Antwerp!
Flashback Festival
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