The Qontinent EARLY BIRD announcement

The impending danger lay dorment, quietly sneaking upon us – its boney fingers slithering its way through the cracks of our civilization. The day in which our planet would take its revenge upon mankind – a species fixated on wealth and possession – has come like the thunderous roar of an apocalyptic storm rolling over the horizon.

Mother Nature’s wrath of unimaginable force has come to wipe away every single notion of mankind’s meager existence, built off of an undying urge to “want” and “need” across the decennia, rising like a plague over the Earths unstable, scabby soil.

From all corners of the globe, pockets of resistance fight against the odds to reach the final oasis of tranquility – their last resort. Only the strongest of minds and purest of hearts will survive.

The gates of The Qontinent will open on the 7th, 8th and 9th of August 2015, and the camping grounds will be further expanded to house as many survivors as possible.

Those who natively inhabit the island of the Qontinent were able to salvage its beauty from the apocalyptic wrath. The landscape has been reshaped and the areas rebuilt.

During the rebuild, a new Freestyle & Early Hardstyle (2005 – 2010) area was erected and a large Outdoor Raw Hardstyle stage was born.

The breathtakingly beautiful Holy Grounds of the Mainstage has managed to survive judgement day as has the securely hidden Hardcore stage and the underground hide-out of Industrial.

Are you a true survivor, ready for the enduring journey to The Qontinent?

Make sure to secure your prized ticket as soon as possible!

On Wednesday the 4th of March 2015 at 19:00h, the Early Bird ticket sales will commence – allowing you to look forward to one hell of a weekend at The Qontinent 2015!

Note: Only weekend tickets will be available as an Early Bird package. This will allow you to spend 3 awesome days at the camping and festival.

Don’t forget to check out the super discount on the group tickets!

Want to get in the mood for The Qontinent? Check out the wonders of the 2014 Aftermovie.

The Qontinent “The Last Resort”

7-8-9 August, Recreation area Puyenbroeck, Wachtebeke (BE)

"Born from the seed of deniability history has neglected the fury of her wrath... Will you choose to remain blind to our impending demise...
Reverze - Edge of Existence
This was #Flashback Festival: Jump, Tek & Retro Classics! See you in 2019 on Saturday the 4th of May at Lotto Arena, Antwerp.
Flashback Festival
Born from the seed of deniability history has neglected the fury of her wrath... Will you choose to remain blind to our impending demise,...
Reverze - Edge of Existence
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