Reverze interview: Dark-e - Reverze Flashback

While providing you with a line-up of the hottest artists in the scene, there’s one spot that has become the heart and soul of Reverze. The Reverze Flashback! A trip down memory lane, which literally blows the roof off of the arena.

This year, Dark-E will boast a solo performance as he warps your mind with the sounds of yesteryear.

Dark-e. You’ve performed at Reverze a few times in the past, but have never done the Reverze Flashback. How do you feel to be given this spot in 2014!?

I feel very lucky; lucky to once again perform on the best Belgian indoor Hard Dance stage and also lucky to be finally doing this Flashback. I've played prime-time at Reverze, I’ve created an anthem in 2008, I also did warming-ups, I played at the Lotto Arena, but I've never performed this "act”. For me, the “Flashback” is one of the most important acts of Reverze.

What can we expect from your Flashback performance?

I will be playing a 45 minute set and am already trying to select the jump/tek/hardstyle tracks that made a dent in my memory for me in all those years that I've been playing Hard Dance. In this case that means: not enough time, for so much choice to play! :)

What does the Reverze Flashback mean to you, and why?

The Reverze Flashback is a sort of showcase of all Hard Dance music that came out in the past and, as every year, it will be the breaking point in between all hardstyle somewhere in the middle of the night, a flash into the past. These days, people mainly come to Reverze for Hardstyle, but it all started with a mix of Jump and (early) Hardstyle and there's still a lot of people that are looking forward to hear all these classics. I've seen other artists performing the Flashback and have to say: It was quiet impressive to see a whole Sportspalace going crazy to these classics!

If you could “Flashback” into the past, is there anything you would change? Why / Why not?

I guess there are always things to regret, but a lot of choices I made also lead to things I'm proud of. I'm trying to focus on the future, because, just as Novastar once sung: The best has yet to come.

Have you got any closing words for the visitors of Reverze?

Sure! I wish you all the time of your life at Reverze. Enjoy every second of it, as the night will be over before you realize! See you all there.

Explain the moment just before going on stage. What feelings went through your mind?

My feelings at that moment were a little bit mixed up. I was both nervous and excited. Maybe I have a little stage fright, but being on such a huge stage in the Sportpaleis must be a little bit scary for everyone, I guess. I really hoped people would like what I was going to do. The day when that (most important) part of being a dj, doesn't trigger me anymore, it's time to stop. But as we speak, I can say, I'm still really motivated. :)

How did you like the intro?

The intro was phenomenal. Huge cinematics and epic sounds, fire, lasers..really impressive. And then the clock came out..and suddenly there were like thousands of glow sticks all over the place. That was so cool! But, I'm jealous for the people who could actually see the intro really well, because sitting behind a dj-booth isn't the best place to see the show. :)

How was the experience of doing the Flashback alone?

Well, I played a couple of times at Reverze: Alone, together, primetime, warming-up, it was all fantastic, but this was one of my greatest experiences ever. No, I'm lying, this was the best. And I think I could never have experienced it like that, if I wasn't alone on stage. I really like playing together with my dj-colleagues, but sometimes, you've got to have that one special moment of your own, for example at 4am at Reverze. :)

What were the reactions?

The reactions of the people were really great, while I was busy playing, after the set, the day after, and it is still going. I get a lot of requests from people who want to listen to the set again, so I guess they will be happy tonight. This is definitely something I will never forget and since everyone makes their own private movies, pictures, etc, I will always have some footage to relive that beautiful time I had at Reverze!

"Born from the seed of deniability history has neglected the fury of her wrath... Will you choose to remain blind to our impending demise...
Reverze - Edge of Existence
This was #Flashback Festival: Jump, Tek & Retro Classics! See you in 2019 on Saturday the 4th of May at Lotto Arena, Antwerp.
Flashback Festival
Born from the seed of deniability history has neglected the fury of her wrath... Will you choose to remain blind to our impending demise,...
Reverze - Edge of Existence
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