Reverze interview: Audiofreq

There’s no simple way to describe Audiofreq. We’re completely convinced his artist name really portrays the person within and the talent he shares with the crowd on any stage in any country.

This talented young artist grew up in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia – quickly finding his talent in producing a wide variety of electronic music and finally fell in love with the sound we all know as Hardstyle.

After his move to The Netherlands, things have only picked up pace for him as we flash forward to 2013, the year everything took off to a flying start.

His debut album #Audioception caught the attention of everyone in the scene, from fans to haters. Artists to promotors, everyone could relate to at least one track on his highly diverse album, which catapulted him into the spotlight.

Our choice to ask Audiofreq to make this years anthem was not difficult at all. We were convinced he would be able to bring his own quirky twist to the theme of “Guardians of Time”, and we quickly realised that this man was not only talented, he was an absolute musical genius.

So Audiofreq, tell us. What was your mindset behind creating this years Reverze anthem?

I wanted to create something that would really capture the bigness, the shock and awe that I got from seeing the trailer and the artwork. I normally listen to a lot of film scores and ambient music when I’m not working on music so I had a good selection of musical influences to draw from. Because Reverze is in winter, I wanted to create a mood and a feeling that wasn’t overly dark, but not too happy - something brooding and emotional. I also tried to incorporate elements of my album, little sonic signatures everywhere so that the anthem would really feel like its coming from the Mind of the Freq.
Download the anthem here or here!

Was there a lot of trial and error involved in making an anthem for Reverze?

Absolutely. Making an anthem is a stressful process and it’s not like making another track. At least it wasn’t for me. When I make a track, I try to capture a cool idea and let the track go in its own direction. When making an anthem, there are the expectations of the organisers and the party goers and you need to not only meet but exceed those expectations while still staying true to the anthem paradigm and not feeling like what you’re doing is a compromise. It’s a balancing act, one that is hard to get right.

You recently poured your heart, soul and all your talent into your album #Audioception. Shortly after, you churned out a massive anthem. How do you remain creative?

I’m not sure! It’s been a pretty intense few months! I’m always trying to find new ways to approach making music and keeping the creative process fresh. I could talk about it for hours. I found that keeping away from social media helps a person feel more creative actually - the less conflicting and confusing information coming in the better which allows for the mind to go through its own internal processes leading to interesting musical results. I dedicate time to properly absorbing to all sorts of music, listening to every detail to see if anything sparks a little flame of an idea.

I also try to absorb a lot of other creative media too, TV and movies being the more obvious ones; but also art, particularly street art and graffiti. I find such art fascinating and it stimulates my imagination.

The creative process is a fascinating one, one that not everyone understands; but it is a process that needs to be nurtured, fuelled and respected. I do my best to help that process along in my every day life so that I can channel that into my music.

Thats not to say that I can come up with brilliant new ideas every day, but when you understand that there is a process of how creativity can be fuelled even if its through a rather nebulous methodology, you can stay creative :)

If you had the power to do anything with “Time”, that is: Stop, fast forward, Reverze (pun totally intended), slow down, speed up, … what would it be and why?

I think we all have mistakes in our past that we’d like to ‘Reverze' do differently and my list is probably too long! There have also been a few blissful moments on stage I’d love to slow down to completely absorb. And a few steaks too. As for speeding up, every time I’m stuck waiting in a doctor’s office or some government bureaucratic official process where you have to get a ticket from the machine and there’s hundreds of people and just one person working at the counter - yeah I’d love to speed those moments up.

You’ve performed at Reverze twice already. What will make this 3rd time special for you?

It’s been a bit of a symbolic journey actually! The first time was when I just started Audiofreq, the second was when I first joined Dirty Workz and had grown a bit of a following, and now that journey has moved onto the next chapter making the anthem! It’s kinda unbelievable! I’m so excited to be able to perform my music on such a huge stage in front of a massive audience, I’m gonna be dropping a bunch of album cuts and some special exclusives just for the night! Hell, I’ve done a collaboration with Headhunterz that we’ll be debuting at Reverze!!

If you could describe Reverze in maximum 5 words, how would you describe it.

Unforgettable Thrilling Sonic/Visual Experience.

For those who have never been to Reverze, how would you convince them to come?

Reverze is Belgium’s premiere hard dance event where you can catch the worlds best tearing it up in Antwerp’s huge Sportpaleis and in the adjoining Lotto Arena. The production is spectacular, the music is amazing and people come from around the world to witness the spectacle - if you don’t go, you’ll be missing out.

So, while we’re at it, have you got anything exciting planned for the (near) future?

Well, I’m gonna try to keep on doing what I’m doing to be honest. I am happy with the way my music is going and its really cool to see how well AUDIOCEPTION was received. So I want to take what I learnt throughout the creation of the album, and continue to build on that. I’ve been hitting the studio pretty hard exploring new music styles. I want to continue to diversify my music, to explore boundaries further. I’m working a new post-album EP and even putting together ideas, concepts and pieces for another album but thats still quite far off!

I have a few cool collabs lined up too, but l can’t say too much more. Expect the unexpected, things get a bit strange when there’s a Freq involved.

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