The Qontinent 2021 | Important Update

Ravers of The Qontinent,

Yesterday we have received the exciting news from the Belgian government that large festivals can take place towards the end of the summer.

At this point, the preparations for The Qontinent in the weekend of August 13, 14 and 15, 2021 are still ongoing.

However, we still have to investigate and discuss the precise details of all the protocols of the government and find a consent with local authorities before we can make a final decision whether the festival can take place this year or will be postponed until next year.

Once we have a more detailed update about The Qontinent 2021, we will come back to you via mail and our other official channels.

We are hopeful to break all boundaries again and celebrate as never before with you.

The Qontinent

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Reverze - Wake of the Warrior
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