Reverze - Power of Perception | Official 2020 Trailer

"Diving deep into the human psyche. An endless journey, unravelling the truth of our reality.

Colors become sound, touch transforms to sight. A metaphysical kaleidoscope of truths... and deceit.

The veil will soon be lifted and true sight restored."

Ticket sale starts 04.11.19, 19:00h at

Ben jij de ultieme, dedicated liefhebber van feesten en wordt muziek bij jou pas leuk vanaf 150 BPM? Lees dan snel verder, want Bass Even...
Tickets & Travel Packages for the 15th edition of Reverze are now available at IMPORTANT: you can only access Reverze wit...
Reverze - Power of Perception
Colors become sound, touch transforms to sight. Perceive what is unfolded and explore the extraordinary line-up for Reverze - Power of Pe...
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