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Complete the survey and win a unique BASS EVENTS GOLD CARD, which gives you full VIP access to all 2020 events provided by Bass Events for two persons.

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✅ 2x VIP tickets - Reverze
✅ 2x VIP tickets - Flashback
✅ 2x VIP (Weekend) tickets - The Qontinent
✅ 2x VIP tickets - Flashback Festival

This survey closes Wednesday, the 4th of September 2019; the lucky winner will receive an email on that same day.

Diving deep into the human psyche. An endless journey, unravelling the truth of our reality. Colors become sound, touch transforms to sig...
Reverze - Power of Perception
You raved like it was 2001 and now you can prepare yourself to do it all over again! Flashback's 5th anniversary will take place on the 2...
You have reached a state of nirvana, allowing the energy of The Qontinent to entrance you as you watch. Take this new found energy, this ...
The Qontinent - Island of Intensity
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