The Qontinent - Decade of Dedication
Provinciaal Domein Puyenbroeck / Wachtebeke

Date: 11-12-13/08/2017

Location: Provinciaal Domein Puyenbroeck, Wachtebeke (BE)

Hashtag: #theqontinent

Age: 16 (ID obligated)

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Ravers from all over the world, look around. Do you actually see this? This is what a decade of hard work and dedication looks like. Bass...
This was 10 Years #The Qontinent. Thank you for your support, loyalty and unmatched dedication over the past decade. Still basking in the...
Welcome to campsite "The Qontinent". Let's kick-start the weekend of a lifetime!
Rave your way into the day and take a peek at the official 2017 Festival Map.
Celebrating a Decade of Dedication on 11-12-13 August 2017. Set times for 10 Years The Qontinent are here! The golden year is now upon us...
"This is our testament. These are our own grounds. We here now... Young, Gifted & Proud!". Bass Events and Q-dance proudly present Coone ...
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