Lotto Arena / Antwerp


Date: 31/12/2014
Time: 21h00 - 07h00
Location: Lotto Arena (BE)



Regular: € 32,50 excl. Fee

Age: 16+ (ID obligated)


Since their siege on the city 3 years ago, Coone and his gang of public enemies have been locked up - never to see the light of day again.

However, the genius mastermind has an escape plan!
The date is set for the 31st of December on New Years Eve.

Coone & The Gang - Escape on NYE!
Ticketsales start on Wednesday the 1st of October at 19:00h via our website.

The first 500 tickets will include a voucher for an exclusive Coone & The Gang gadget.

Lotto Arena

Public transport

All persons who have purchased a ticket for this event, will be able to travel for free within Antwerp with 'De Lijn' - this includes all travel with public busses 'De Lijn' and Metro/Trams.


There will be lockers available during the event. You will need to pay a small warranty fee on top of the fixed priced. You will receive your warranty back one you have returned you locker key.


There is enough parking around the Lotto Arena. Please follow the instructions of parking attendants.

>> Travel directions to Lotto Arena


Coone / Coone Classics / Da Tweekaz / Ran-D / Mark with a K ft. MC Chucky / Evil Activities / Psyko Punkz / Hard Driver Live / Audiofreq / Dark-E / E-Life

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