Reverze - Wake of the Warrior
Sportpaleis & Lotto Arena / Antwerp

Legends foretell a great awakening...

A day in which the world will rejoice His rebirth!

A new era where eyes will see true color and ears will hear true sounds.

For He who will rise from the ashes will bring light into the darkness.

We call upon all who want to be a part of this momentum and witness...

The Wake of the Warrior.

The unity of blades all possessed by thirteen kin - do you dare to call the power of the Warrior within?
The hymn of his unyielding force now trembles through this temple. Together, we rise as warriors! Refuzion - Wake of the Warrior is now a...
The hymn of his unyielding force now trembles through the temple where the energy of a thousand souls become one. Arise as a warrior with...
From deep within, the roar of a thousand legions ignites... Reverze - Wake of the Warrior is now completely sold out!
After the news that indoor events in Belgium could take place starting September 1st, the government has announced that the end time for ...
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