The Qontinent | "The Bunker" Line-Up Revealed!

Only a few weeks till we celebrate a Decade of Dedication: 10 Years The Qontinent!

Ravers from all over the world, we proudly present our final addition to our already massive line-up: the Future and Tek heroes of "The Bunker"!

SATURDAY 12 AUGUST 2017 - Future Heroes
Apexx ◈ Blasco ◈ D-Attack ◈ Deluzion ◈ Envine ◈ Galactixx ◈ Malice ◈ Mind Dimension ◈ Ncrypta ◈ Retrospect ◈ Revalue

SUNDAY 13 AUGUST 2017 - Tek Classics
Bestien ◈ Chicago Zone ◈ Def Toys ◈ Detektor ◈ Gave Live ◈ H4bitane & Gordon Smith ◈ Manu Kenton ◈ Royal S ◈ Saltzer ◈ Tek Soldierz

Embrace and experience the astonishing anthem created by the tremendous Da Tweekaz that awakens the mysterious theme perfectly.
Reverze - Essence of Eternity
Pat B & Dark-E will team up before the grand Flashback experience to reveal the fabulous FlashbackFifty in a special live broadcasted set...
All VIP tickets are SOLD OUT! Regular tickets are still available. LEGENDARY LINE-UP Bestien ◈ Binum ◈ Chicago Zone ◈ Dark-E ◈ Da...
Reverze - Essen...

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